A short film by Hon Hoang. Starring Raymond Ma. A man reflects as people in his life begin to leave, in one way or another. With not much…

Echoes of Departure

Two office workers meet between moments of banality. Credits: Written and Directed: Hon Hoangwww.honhoang.com Starrring: Jennifer Khoe Monica Cho Director of Photography: Anghel Paras Produced: Hon Hoangwww.honhoang.com Tk…

John Bryars

Dennis Lloyd

Por Detroit Flower

SR Couple

SR Nicole

SR Smoke

Lucha Smoke

Lucha Classic

Drew Carey

Lucha Valetine’s Kiss

Lucha Vavoom NatGeo Feature

Published on Published: National Geographic Daily DozenFebruary 2019 National Geographic For Your Shot InstagramFebruary 2019

Lucha VaVoom Valentines

Film: Taciturn Tango

  At an inopportune time in life, two strangers meet.

Monica 3

Monica 2

Monica 1

Aus 3

Aus 2

Aus 1

Disintegration Photoshoot 2


  A love story.  

Disintegration Photo

Fall of the Patriarch

Impermanence: South Korea in Portraits and Photographs

Impermanence: South Korea in Portraits and Photographs

Changwon Train Station

Not Much Happens Here

volant fall 1

volant fall 2

volant fall 3

Tina Sky



Sylvan Esso Pink

Couple Shoot Pink

Violet Neon Light

Delivery Man

Mason Shoe Shine

Old Seoul Bike

Goldfish Vertical Blue

Lyena Vertical Blue

Anna Vertical Blue

Sarah Orange

Sylvan Esso Orange Blue

Ho Chi Minh Sunset

Seoul Protest Flag

GSM Floating Island Sky

Power Line Sky

Bus Red

Lucid Dream Red


Lyena Side Blue

Aliya Side Blue

Hong Kong Express Orange

Sara Mills Orange

Hong Kong Orange

Gold Fish Blue

Sarah Blue

Rene Blue 2

Bar Sinister Blue

Lyena Blue

Sylvan Esso Blue 2

Tokyo Orange

Fall With Me

  A short film about leaving a life you’ve made. It follows the story of a couple, moments before they go their own way.

Lucha Orange

Violet Red

Jay Prince Red

Grace Red 3

Vetti Pink

Violet Pink

Cherchez Pink

Julia Pierce Purple

Joyful Melancholia

Dalton Purple

Sarah Yellow Lamp

Hong Kong Yellow

Grace Yellow

Claire Green 2

Violet Green

Nikki Green

Lucha VaVroom Blue

Yongho Blue

Gangnam Blue

Rock Duo 57 Red

Goldfish Red

Rene Red

Tina Yellow

Man Yellow

Alli Yellow

Tina Green

Crazy Jason Green

zeta green

Grace Purple

Purple LA Club Halloween

Purple Vegas

LA Halloween Red

Red Cab


Sylvan Esso