I was born in Vietnam and grew up in Los Angeles. I came to the States at a very young age and consider myself an American. Growing up, I never thought how my experiences could differ greatly from my neighbors, there was always the assumption that we were all the same. These ideas of race and ethnicity never crossed my mind until I grew older. Nowadays I spend more time reflecting on the idea of what it means to be an American and an immigrant.

Shortly after graduating from college, I needed a hobby to help break the monotony that was my
post-graduate office life. I decided to pursue photography with the eventual goal of making films.
I was always interested in these things, but never had much time or money to focus on them.

I was working at a rehab for close to three years in college but didn’t always find it to be enjoyable. It was nice to feel like I was helping people at times, but I never really considered how that kind of worked affected my mental health. I asked myself will I still be okay with working in this field five years from now, ten years from now? I came to realize that I would either become numb to it all or continue to care and have it wear me down.

My experience in Psychology has continued into my photography and films through my curiosity of people. I take photographs as a way to get a glimpse of humanity and films as an exploration of it.

I feel as if most of us feel a level of existential dread, wondering where we’ll be because of where we were. I want my work to explore this sensation and eventually come to a hopeful conclusion. For it to be that sliver of light that guides you out of a dark tunnel. If and how I’ll ever achieve that level of work is still questionable, but the idea is to try.

I am currently working as a freelancer and on various photography projects such as EnFlight.Design and Asia Photo Review

EnFlight.Design is a web site devoted to the production, publication, and education in photography, design and cinema.

Asia Photo Review is a community to showcase the best photography being produced from Asia and Asian photographers around the world. Our goals are to promote honest reflection of these countries and the stories the inhabitants have to tell.

In between films, projects, and photoshoots, I try to fill in those gaps with moments in street photography. Walking around Los Angeles or wherever I might be traveling, trying to capture beautiful moments within what seems to be a gritty landscape.

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